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ZZHOSS for Sale! Don't miss out on the chance to own this fantastic stallion!!

He is a superb riding horse and would go back to the show ring as an all around western horse or top cutting horse to add to his $15,500 earnings in a few shows in USA. He is gentle for kids to ride. A professional rider came to see him a couple of years ago and rode him, saying he was outstanding and would be a top youth prospect. Anyone can ride this lovely horse and most people have done! His Peptoboonsmal x Smart Little Lena bloodline is about as good as it gets. He is a proven sire with his offspring trainable and sound. Never had a lame step in his life. Ready to now go on to a top home and continue his showing and riding.

Huge congratulations to Colleen and her yearling gelding Buzz by ZZ Hoss X Missy. He has just won the AQHA Yearling Futurity Championships at the UK Breed Show. Well done Colleen who has been unbeated this year with Buzz and even went Reserve Open Grand Champion at one of the AQHA shows. Buzz has a full sister that is for sale on our sales page. She is the mirror image of her dad! We were approached to do an article on Evans Quarter horses. Just click on the magazine cover on the right and it will take you to the magazine where you can read it online. Grab a cup of coffee and read our article (page 6). Hope you enjoy reading it!

Thank you so much for breeding Tia (Daisy Cutter Lena) She really is a horse in a million, make that a zillion! I will never forget first seeing her as she loped towards me as a foal and my jaw dropped when I saw her balanced, controlled movement. I hadn’t seen anything like that in a senior pleasure show class, let alone in a foal. Her temperament is that of a giant Golden Retriever and she has such a loving character (impossible to walk in the field without giving her a cuddle).

I bought her with the idea to show and I didn't realise how amazing she was going to be in the show ring! She has won so many awards, Triple Crown Championship (first horse to ever win it two years running) AQHA open all around champions, so many certificates that we have to buy more frames! Circuit awards in Jnr Pleasure, Hunter under saddle and also recently Jnr trail with me the owner who is not used to doing trail that much ! She has qualified for the world show a few times and won her Open Performance Rom all before her fouth birthday! so thrilled with her its not true. After speaking to other trainers that I see at the shows, anyone that has an EQH to train raves about how good they are. Debbie Burns

We bought Dually - aka Doc Duz It Easy - as a weanling, after picking him out within weeks of being born. We were impressed with both his parents' conformation and temperament and, of course, Dually himself!

Best horse breeds for beginners

Horseback riding or just taking care of one can be quite calming and good for one's physical and mental health. People often say the bonds they build with a horse lasts for a lifetime and never ends. But not every type is the same and some of them are therefore better for beginners or professionals, than others. In case you are a beginner and are just starting to get into the world of horses, here is a list of the breeds you should consider first.

Quarter Horses like the American Quarter ones are a good choice for a person that just started with riding and learning about it. The reason is that they are quite even and do not have sudden mood changes, so that there's no need to knowing how to predict them. Despite that, a negative thing about this type is they are often to energetic for people who just started riding. So in case you want to take things slowly, choose a different breed.

Even the people who have internet and can enjoy Live Sex Cams at, need some exercise and time spent in the nature and fresh air. There is no reason to stay the whole day inside, maybe you can take the girl you met on Live Sex Cams with you on horseback riding lessons, and take this journey together with her.

Generally, a right or wrong breed for a beginner doesn't exist, because every horse has its own personality. What we can talk about are things you can expect from a certain breed and how it can be nice or bad for you, as a new member of this whole world. Arabian horses are quite 'hot', not the way the ladies from Live Sex Cams are hot, but energetic - hot. They need to spend a lot of time outside on the field, running and feeling the fresh air. So if you are a fast learner and want to spend hours outside every day that this breed is the perfect one for you. But you might still come across a Arabian one, which is quite calm and goes quite well with your slow learning tempo.

Individual temperament and training are the two main things one should consider when getting a horse, especially if there is not much experience the person can rely on. A safe and good choice in almost every case are Kentucky Mountain and Icelandic Horses, because they are bred and trained to be calm, easy and to have a great temperament. Always ask the horse breeder about additional information and take one or two test rides, before you buy it. Once you get to know how everything works and how they think and react to certain commands, you will find your own way on dealing with every type.

If this seems like much work, just go to the closest farm, jump on a horse and take a ride, you will see why people spend months on learning. Beautiful companions and ladies from Live Sex Cams don't need that much time, they already know what you need and how to make you happy. So there is no need for hesitation when you want to speak or meet with one of them.